Employment Opportunities For Sailors – Sail Into The Right Job!

Water draws a lot of people. They like to swim in the ocean or spend some time on a boat rather than sit behind a desk or walk around on land. If this is the kind of person you are, then sea faring is a career you must definitely consider. Those who work mostly on the oceans, rivers or seas are called sea farers. They can either be fishermen or barge workers. It is rather tough to find a job in this category as it is hard to locate the headquarters of these kind of operations. This is because the location where you are a sea farer shifts constantly. In spite of this, if you do get a job offer, then you will undoubtedly get the job on application. When you get the job, there are certain things that you should know. The contract of a sea farer’s employment is totally different when compared to other standard employment contracts that people usually sign at the beginning of other types of jobs. This is due to the fact that a sea farer’s employment contract lists a lot of clauses about safety. Also, sea farers mostly spend months at a time out in the sea. The contract discusses these issues as too. It should go through what time duration you will be out at sea and for how long your break will be once you return to the port. Once your employer confirms that you will be hired, remember to go through the sea farer employment contract thoroughly in order to cover all ground and not make any mistakes. You will want to ensure the validity of your work and also ensure what the company promises you is valid.

Certain companies promise some thing to new hires but don’t list it out in the sea farer employment contract. This is not always maliciously done, but often people are forgetful. But if there ever a time arises when you don’t get back to port as promised, they may not remember every having promised it at all. If you take the effort to ensure that all these things are included in your sea farer employment contract, then you needn’t worry about it at all. You will have proof in your hands.

Also take a detailed look at your contract to ensure that you are being paid the correct benefits and wages. Always remember that all employment contracts are negotiable. In case you find something that you disagree with; you can always intimate your employer about it and persuade him to strike a compromise. This way both the parties can achieve satisfaction.

Facts About Employment Discrimination – 4 Tips To Stay Informed

There are many unfair office practices that companies usually overlook and one of these is employment discrimination. This prejudicial act is prohibited by the U.S. Federal Law, and employers who practice this crime are liable to financial penalties. Employers should be aware that employment discrimination involves a big deal of punishment to those who offend this law.

As stated by the U.S. Federal Law, here are some of the circumstances as to when employment discrimination could take place:

– During hiring of employees

– Upon termination of employees’ contracts

– During recruitment and training of employees

– Whenever there are company promotions

– In terms of compensation and other forms of remuneration

It is a must that all employers know everything about employment discrimination. Otherwise, they might do something that could cross the line and they could get penalized. Employers must be fully aware that even though they are in higher positions, they should also pay respect to their employee’s rights. They must practice fair judgments and unbiased decisions at all times.

Here are some of the tips for the employers out there so they could check whether they are still practicing correct office etiquettes:

1. Employers must not look on the religion, nationality, age, sex, disability or race of their employees.

2. Employers must not participate in any investigations when employees report a complaint on possible employment discrimination. Employers must not take this personally and any judgments made must not be based on any other matter aside from the legal ones involved.

3. Employers must look on their employees capabilities and qualifications in making decisions such as termination or promotion otherwise if they judge employees based on age, sex, color, religion, national origin or disability, they would be penalized according to the US Federal Law.

4. Employers must not base any of their decisions according to employees’ family background. The employees’ family members must not take part or must not be the basis of any actions that employers make for the employee himself.

It will be a good practice for every company to provide more than enough knowledge not just to employers but to employees as well regarding employment discrimination. It should be made clear that no other factors could get into any business matters other than employers qualifications, rights and performances.

Employment discrimination is not rare, it is actually a big issue especially nowadays so it will be good for employees to get to know their companies more and be fully aware of the practices that go around the business. It is their obligation to know their rights so they would know how and when to defend themselves. On the employers’ part, it is also their obligation to let the employees know the rules and regulations that the company runs and employers themselves must initiate or participate in these given rules.

How to Search For Job Vacancies, Employment and Career Opportunities

Searching for job vacancies, employment, and career opportunities can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if ones does not know how to, and what it takes to get that dream job.

Every year, thousands or even over a million students graduate different higher institutions in your country and more from post primary school. The demand for jobs, employment and careers opportunities increase and the opportunities that are available are not enough to accommodate these ever increasing jobs seekers. The labor market right now is over saturated as a result of companies folding up due to unfavorable working conditions and world economy/financial meltdown.

With this scenario, getting jobs and employment becomes quite difficult, and even those that are currently employed are leaving their jobs due to job insecurity among other factors.

Some people believe that attending higher institutions and graduating with good grades is a enough for them to get their dream jobs. If you have this mindset, then you are making mistake and you may get disappointed and frustrated sooner than later.

The situation out there is quite different and you just have to work so much on yourself to equip and position yourself for better chances of getting employ.

Searching and getting your dream job would be determined by a lot of factors like:

1) Your level of exposure and experience,

2) Information at your disposal,

3) Your IT skills play a pivotal role in your quest of getting your dream job,

4) Have the right Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) that sells yourself,

5) Your ability to write good application letters and sending as many letters as possible,

6) How you conduct yourself during and after the interview matters a lot,

7) Good mindset to add value and to deliver to the company.

These are few factors that will aid your chance of getting employ and are not rank in order of important.

How Do You Search For Jobs Vacancies and Careers Opportunities in Your Country

1) You can search through local Newspaper in your country for the latest jobs vacancies that suit your qualification.

2) You can also search for jobs vacancies through local radio and television station.

3) You can also register with recruiting or consulting agents. You have to be very careful because some of these agents are fraudsters who are out there looking for desperate jobs seekers to defraud. Quite numbers of them are genuine and can aid your chance of getting your dream jobs.

4) You can search through a lot of website that provide free information on jobs vacancies and how to apply.

5) You can use search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. use keywords that suit your area of discipline.